A wide range of services such as service, technology, spare parts and other are provided to our customers. Team of specialists from TOSHULIN in cooperation with our representatives and foreign offices provides service of machines all over the world including spare parts supplies or general repairs of our machines. Our customers are supported by means of remote diagnostics, hot line or our application engineers who assist with preparation and debugging of technology programs.


Information about Manufacturing Possibilities:

  • Vertical lathes– FORCETURN 4000, EXPERTURN 3000, POWERTURN 2000, BASICTURN 2000, BASICTURN 1250, SKIQ 16
  • Machining centres– HECKERT HEC 800 X5, MORI SEIKI NH8000DCG, TAJMAC MCFV 2080, TAJMAC MCFV 1260, TAJMAC H63
  • Turning machining centres– MAS S80I, MORI SEIKI NL 2500, MORI SEIKI NL 3000, MORI SEIKI NT6600 DCG/6000CS
  • Gantry machining centre– ZIMMERMANN FZ 42
  • Horizontal boring and milling machines– WHQ 13 CNC, WD 130 with indication, W 160 with indication
  • Plano‑milling machine– FRFQ 350
  • Lathes
  • Grinding machines – Slideway grinding machines, Surface grinding machine BRH, Grinding machine BUC 63, Erwin JUNKER GRINDING Allround, Spline shaft grinding machine
  • Measuring equipment–Five‑Axis Continuous Scanning Head REVO – 2, API LaserTracker T3-40, WENZEL LH 108, ZEISS Rondcom 44
  • Laser – TruLaser 3040
  • Paint shop